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07e2c151881e55f8d9842b4dd8ac5f80?d=identicon&s=25 Dave M. (dave_mcgowan)
on 2015-10-07 15:39
We are a small shop who is looking to hire a full-time Senior Ruby
Developer or possibly (2) full-time Junior Ruby Developer

Pay: $500-$1500 USD / Month (Depending on Experience)

If you are interested, please carefully read the following requirements.
If you are not interested please forward this email to someone who might
be :)

Goal: To create a scalable CRM Platform

Front-End UI Integration & Customization - (we will be using as UI)
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
MongoDB integration
Creating End-User Administration
Creating Company Administration
Integrating, adobeechosign, etc
Creating a custom management platform to manage
Ideal Experience:
Obviously a robust Ruby on Rails experience
All things AWS
Prior SAAS application architecture, development, & deployment
Best Practices:
We are looking for someone who can guide us on developing a clean
scalable software. One that will not break in the future or cause future

Looking for advice on Hosting Architecture:

Looking for advice on open source vs custom: seems like a good solution
but we do not want to use it if it does not seem clean, scalable, or a
good long term solution. How long would it take to build our own CRM
prototype if we went custom?

Other Requirements:
Fluent in English
Ability to follow thorough documentation and execute the design
Full time dedication (40 hrs week)
M-F 9AM-5PM Phoenix, AZ time (for first month)

Work from home
Make your own schedule (once trust is earned and work quality is
consistent we may allow you to work during whatever hours you please)
Anyways, I like your work and would like to see if you would be
interested in working with us.

To Apply: Email with your Github profile link, desired
salary, and
reason you would be the best fit. If you really want to talk quickly
feel free to add me on skype at dave.stectech
32be4ac415985230e1c47f71495a3cf4?d=identicon&s=25 Cris S. (cshupp)
on 2015-11-20 18:05
So you are offering less than minimum wage to sightly more?
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