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on 2015-09-30 16:12
**Full-stack Developer @ Transferwise**

Are you up to building a modern international financial institution from
the ground up, but better than any of the existing global banks? We are
looking for a number of Product Engineers to join our London office. As
a Full-Stack Developer you will have solid experience with the full
stack of web technologies. You will be hands on within the technology
and working towards making our product the best that it can be by
solving the challenges that we face. However our flat organisational
structure means you'll be someone who is unconcerned with titles and
hierarchy. What really excites you is problem-solving and delivering
innovative technology and products that create happy customers.

You will collaborate with product managers, UX and design experts, data
scientists and other developers to work towards one unified goal -

As part of the Product-Engineering team, you'll be making sure that the
user journey is as precise and delightful as it can be. You'll join a
great team that is customer focussed to it’s core.

**Here at TransferWise we don’t hire coders, who pick up tickets from a
backlog and push code to production.**

We hire engineers that empathise with our customers problems, develop
solutions and measure results. We’re proud of engineering team - it's
built an incredible product that’s changing the world. They operate
autonomously within their teams, focussing relentlessly on our

**Main requirements:**

- Passionate about technology and it’s relationship with business and
user experience.
- Ability to work independently and plan your own solutions to problems.
- Experience using a back-end MVC Framework in a dynamic language,
preferably Groovy & Grails or Ruby on Rails.
- Experience developing in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
- Experience developing in a modern front end framework, Angular.js is
preferred, but experience with Backbone, Ember, Knockout or React is
also relevant.
- Experience working with SQL databases, writing custom queries and
designing schemas.
- Understanding of test driven development (TDD), the ability to
structure your code so it’s testable, and the desire to write tests.
- Broad understanding of the concept of minimum viable product and
conversion rates.
- Possess empathy for the user and able to build great code that drives
fantastic user experience.
- Strong communication skills and ability to articulate complex and
technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
- Be willing to travel, to work and learn with dev teams in Estonia and
- Excitement to work in a high-growth startup, and throw themselves
fully into a revolution.
- Be open, communicative, and fun to work with.


- Some exposure to analytics packages, such as Google Analytics or
- Understanding of scrum and agile development
- Experience using database abstraction layers like Hibernate.
- Be a customer of TransferWise

Location: London, UK
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