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0f8e4b9bbc7a5244690b3abb04fe58ae?d=identicon&s=25 Tomas S. (deathbeam)
on 2015-03-14 19:43
Anyone thought of making JRuby micro edition or something like that? On
my PC (yes, it is slow a bit) compiling Android project with JRuby and
MultiDex enabled takes about 6 hours. Yes, not kidding. For comparison,
compiling Android project with LuaJ takes approx 10-15 mins and with
Rhino about 10 mins on my PC. 13 MB of source code? That is really a
lot. I messed with JRuby-Core 1.7.20-SNAPSHOT source code and this is

jRuby core 1.7.20-SNAPSHOT:
  - 7 + 1356 + 202 source files
  - 44 + 1 resources
  - 13 175 KB

jRuby codename micro:
  - 7 + 914 + 122 source files
  - 44 + 1 resources
  - 10 659 KB

  - changes:
    - removed JSR223, OSGI and BSF embedding
    - removed Psych (YAML) ruby library
    - removed Zlib ruby library
    - removed Nailgun support
    - removed Tempfile ruby library
    - removed NKF ruby library
    - removed BigDecimal ruby library
    - removed Digest ruby library
    - removed Etc ruby library
    - removed Fcntl ruby library
    - removed Iconv ruby library
    - removed IO ruby library
    - removed Mathn ruby library
    - removed Net ruby library
    - removed Pathname ruby library
    - removed Securerandom ruby library
    - removed Socket ruby library
    - removed Stringio ruby library
    - removed Strscan ruby library
    - removed Timeout ruby library
    - removed FFI ruby library
    - removed command-line interface
    - removed ant integration
    - removed IR
    - removed Ruby 1.9 and Ruby 1.8 support

  - todo:
    - remove ShellLauncher

But I am not sure if I do not actually bugged it. I tested it and it was
working fine and it reduced build time by more than one hour. So, I am
asking, anyone thought about following mruby pattern for some JRuby
micro edition?
F592698b26e6ebb8d1755c6499f9d31d?d=identicon&s=25 Uwe K. (donv)
on 2015-03-29 01:01
(Received via mailing list)
Hi Tomas!

Did you look at the Ruboto project?  We have filtering of unused classes
in JRuby to reduce the size:

We would love for you to contribute on this.

There are also some ideas to improve the packaging in JRuby to make it
easier to pick the parts of JRuby you want.

> jRuby core 1.7.20-SNAPSHOT:
>    - removed JSR223, OSGI and BSF embedding
>    - removed IO ruby library
>    - removed ant integration
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