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0822780bdb41bd5bf9c8c96b13899904?d=identicon&s=25 Martin P. (monkstone)
on 2015-02-11 17:02
Calling for Mac, Windows testers for the latest version of JRubyArt, a
ruby wrapper for vanilla processing (, that does not
require you install vanilla processing.
To get started you need a minimum of java 7 runtime, but you don't
absolutely need jruby (jruby-complete gets installed for you) but you do
need a version of ruby-1.9.3+.

1. gem install jruby_art --pre
2. k9 setup install # uses curl to download jruby-complete and samples
3. cd examples/contributed
4. k9 run clock.rb # or 'jruby clock.rb' to use an installed jruby

To create a template sketch

k9 create my_sketch 300 300 # creates my_sketch.rb java2d
k9 create my_sketch 300 300 p3d # creates a 3D opengl sketch

Please report any issues here
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