Forum: GNU Radio Questions about using sound card for data tranfer.

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on 2006-05-15 10:00
(Received via mailing list)
Hi, bodys:)

I'm trying to use the sound card to transferring bits and I find it may
be as easy as using USRP.
My efforts are based on the and
The audio.sink & audio.source only I/O float type data, and not like
we cannot set decimation ratio or interpolation ratio for sound card.
So I set this two ratio to 1 and use complex_to_float & float_to_complex
connecting the sound card with modulating & demodulating blocks.
But I seriously doubt if it is right in this way, and not surprising, I
nothing at the rx.
To ensure the validation of the configuration of fsk mod and demod, I
another script with framing, modulation, demodulation and deframing
connected in a line without sound card. It works well and the received
seq number can be correctly printed out. Besides, I can here the sound
transmitted signal from the sound card, and the line-in input is ok.

Needing some hints about doing communication with sound card. My source
codes are mailed.

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