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on 2006-05-05 23:07
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There's lots of info to be found on the RoR wiki:

Also, check out Globalize:



--- wrote:
>  I see, that Rails is quite english-centric. I am developing some
> that are not primarily in English. I have a few questions:
>  - besides turning of plurals, what should I take care? How to use utf-8

> for all data and converting it from local charsets to utf-8?
>  - how
do I make my page multilingual (i.e. adding english support
> later)? Is
there something like gettext support? Is there a multilingual
> scaffold
support? (So I'll have a web interface where I can translate
> all the messages
used in application).
>  - Is there some web/wiki page talking about internationalization
> in Rails? Should we start one?
>  One more question not about
internationalization: is there some BIRT
> (Business Intelligence and Reporting
Tool) integration? Or preferable
> way to make reports (PDF, HTML, ...)
from my existing model?
>   Thanks,
>     Juraj.
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