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on 2006-04-17 22:31
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> Windows has an API function, GetModuleFileName , that returns
> the full path of the running executable.  I may be able to
> wrap an API call using the Win32API library, but prefer a
> native Ruby approach if possible.
> Jamal

Yep, that'll work.  For anyone who's curious:

require 'Win32API'

buf = 0.chr * 260
GetModuleFileName ='kernel32', 'GetModuleFileName', 'LPL',
'L'), buf, buf.size)
puts buf.strip # "c:\\ruby\\bin\\ruby.exe"

That being said, I *thought* there was a way to do this from within Ruby
(without resorting to Win32API) but I can't think of it now, assuming it


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