Forum: Ruby on Rails has_many through generated SQL column names incorrect

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C75369f25cd6b34076875bdc308c2aca?d=identicon&s=25 John Russell (jjrussell)
on 2006-04-14 13:57
I just saw a post on this a few days ago but I've been searching and
can't find it again.  I have a has_many, through relationship, but when
I try to :include the join table in a

Model.find(:all, :conditions => "join_table.column = something",
:include => "join_table")

the generated sql contains this where "grant_ownerships" is the join
table and "grants" is one of the tables it is joining.


 LEFT OUTER JOIN grant_ownerships grant_ownerships_grants ON
grant_ownerships_grants.grant_id =

See how there are underscores where there should be periods?
Is there a fix for this?

Sorry for the repeat question.
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