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Mirek (Guest)
on 2006-03-22 17:04
my name is Mirek, I'm Pythonist, just newbie to Ruby.

I'm having a little problem with generating chm
help file:

cd c:\ruby\lib
rdoc -f chm -o chm_out *

builds at first fine, but at the end there are
many errors like this:

ruby%2f1.8%2furi%2fhttp.rb: c
ruby%2f1.8%2furi%2fhttp.rb:57:31: Expected class name or '<<'. Got

generated chm file is broken, many subject pages are missing.

I'm using the Ruby source snapshot installation, win xp.

where can I get working copy of chm-help file for the std lib so I can
start porting my last app from Python to Ruby?

btw. it would be great to put chm-help file at,
     don't you think?

Mirek Rusin, PL
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