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on 2006-03-15 20:48
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on 2006-03-15 21:06
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on 2006-03-15 21:33
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Webdesign like fashion follows certain trends and periods of style.
now, the style known as Web2.0 favors the kind of soft colored sites you
in Basecamp, 43Things, and Joyent, but it's not limited to just Rails
it's a trend that you'll see in non-rails sites, flickr, technorati, 9
rules.  You can find a description of this current flavor here:

It's true though that Rails apps seem to follow their own flavor of this
trend, perhaps in large part because 37 Signals is such a big influence
the Rails crowd.  Also the sites you listed probably were either
designed by
37Signals themselves or were designed by designers who are close friends
with them.

Tim Case
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