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C381828d1907912eab30cbe38d5ea245?d=identicon&s=25 Aníbal Rojas (Guest)
on 2006-03-13 15:14
(Received via mailing list)
After spending some of our spare time (a software developer having
"spare time"? really?) writing unit and functional tests, RubyCorner
is going live: A blog directory focused on the Ruby language, Rails
and any other Ruby related project.

    We like to think about RubyCorner as a "meeting place" for the
community, also as a "focal point" where the people new to this
technology can quickly tune into the pulse of the community.

    In spite of the huge amount of testing code we wrote, this is our
first dot com developed in RoR, and we would like you to help us
testing this Beta version (maybe Xtreme-Alpha would be better ;-)

   Please point your browsers to subscribe,
choose your favorites blogs, and if you have a blog where you write
about Ruby or something related, register it too.

    But wait! This is not only about blogs. Any internet site updated
periodically, and available through a RSS feed is welcome! This place
will be useful only if the community register their resources and
pings on it when updated.

   There are a lot of planned features waiting in our whiteboards and
SVN branches. Stay tuned, because we will be quickly adding new
(exciting we think ;-) features.

   Any help promoting RubyCorner will be greatly appreciated,
registering your blog is great (now you begin to feel your eyelids
very, very heavy, and feel an irresistible need to register, register,
register, register, ...) and writing about it in your blogs would be
better. Commercial TV spots are greatly appreciated too ;-)

Aníbal Rojas
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