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Ee508a7b3a54d899378eaccc50b25c3f?d=identicon&s=25 Tyler Kovacs (Guest)
on 2006-02-27 20:13
(Received via mailing list)
Do you know Ruby on Rails like the back of your hand?  Can you write
javascript and prototype.js-based AJAX code in your sleep?  Want to work
in Rails full-time on a high-volume web site?  We'll be rolling out our
local search engine nationally this year and we're looking for talented
coders to join our engineering team and help bring our site to the next

We're looking for people with:
- extensive experience developing web applications using Ruby on Rails
- thorough knowledge of web standards like XHTML, CSS and Javascript
 (bonus if you're already familiar with prototype.js and JSON)
- strong data structure and design skills
- previous experience working on a production, high-scale web site

It's even better if you:
- can be self-directed and contribute meaninfully with minimal
- can contribute ideas and energy to the whole product development
 including brainstorming, specification, implementation, testing and
- have an eye for usability, style and design
- have an inclination for test-driven development

Send your resume to if you're interested.

About Zvents:  Zvents is the search engine for local events.  Launched
October at the Web 2.0 conference to wide acclaim, we're the leading
of event information for the SF Bay Area and preparing for a national
rollout.  We're backed by Red Rock Ventures and NetService Ventures, and
currently based in Menlo Park, with intent to move to the Redwood City /
Mateo area soon.  Local applicants preferred.  If you're looking for a
challenging job in a great work environment, we're the place for you.
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