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Fraumeni, James (Guest)
on 2006-02-13 19:13
(Received via mailing list)
Greetings. Apologies if I missed something like this in the archives or
internet, but I'm having namespace issues using Ferret with Rails, but
this looks to be an issue with any library and Rails. Specifically, I
have a model class "Weight" in my application and Ferret also has a
class "Weight" in it (Ferret::Search::Weight). My app runs perfectly
fine until it first executes "require 'ferret'". At that point, my
definition of the class "Weight" disappears and I get "uninitialized
constant Weight" errors. I went through my Ferret gem and changed the
Ferret::Search::Weight class to Ferret::Search::FWeight, and all works
	Has anyone else come across an issue of a library trampling namespace?
I have tried putting the indexing code in a number of places within my
app, and "load"ing Ferret rather then "require"ing it, but loading tends
to fail to load Ferret.
	It seems that Rails is taking the application namespace, and applying
it within all of the libraries. I believe this because after changing
Ferret::Search::Weight to Ferret::Search::FWeight, there still is a
Ferret::Search::Weight class, but it matches my model Weight <
ActiveRecord class, and there are Weight  classes that match mine in all
areas of the Ferret library:

	irb> Ferret::Search::FWeight
		=> Ferret::Search::FWeight
	irb> Ferret::Search::Weight
		=> Weight
	irb> Ferret::Search::Weight == Weight
		=> true
	irb> Ferret::Weight == Weight
		=> true
	irb> Ferret::Utils::Weight == Weight
		=> true
	irb> Ferret::Utils::Weight == Ferret::Search::FWeight
		=> false

	Thanks for any insight. I am a Ruby and Rails nuby and am using Win32
(temporarilly), Ruby 1.8.2, Ferret 0.3.2, and Rails 1.0.0.


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