Forum: Ruby-core [Open] [PATCH] time_timespec: fix tv_nsec overflow on float conversion

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on 2014-08-16 03:20
(Received via mailing list)
Issue #10144 has been reported by Eric Wong.

Bug #10144: [PATCH] time_timespec: fix tv_nsec overflow on float

* Author: Eric Wong
* Status: Open
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: Eric Wong
* Category: core
* Target version: current: 2.2.0
* ruby -v: trunk
* Backport: 2.0.0: REQUIRED, 2.1: REQUIRED
test/ruby/test_float.rb (test_sleep_with_Float) causes tv_nsec
to hit 1000000000 exactly.  This bug is currently hidden from
our test by the platform-dependent native_cond_timeout
functions, but a future native_cond_timedwait implementation may
prefer relative timeouts to match ConditionVariable#wait
semantics more closely.

Requesting backport since this may affect 3rd party C extensions.

tv_nsec-overflow.patch (426 Bytes)
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