Forum: Ruby on Rails Rails 4: accepts_nested_attributes_for / nested forms

F099abfef46715b41b4d3d0e5764e697?d=identicon&s=25 Sean Kelley (Guest)
on 2014-08-15 19:41
(Received via mailing list)
I do not know what the protocol is if you have a rails question with
several files.  Do you post all here?  I have asked a question on stack
overflow buy have not found an answer yet:

I was hoping to get more eyeballs on it.  If this is not correct to
link to stack overflow please let me know.

I am having trouble getting the models and new add form setup to save
data for my first solo rails project.  I have worked through some
and done basic reading on rails so far so I might have made a basic
conceptual mistake.  The essence appears to be that some of the related
model data is saved but not all.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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