Forum: Ruby how to install gems without permission on windows

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83b6f9e53a2ea32ee364af0136c8d2e8?d=identicon&s=25 Poc H. (poc7667)
on 2014-08-13 07:31
I have no permission to install gems on default Ruby system path,

I tried to downloaded all the requires gem in a folder.

How can I install those gem without permission ?

Because I require some extra gems in the script

    require 'roo'
    require 'writeexcel'


![enter image description here][1]

9627ec27e4fb3a18be02133b4ddaa901?d=identicon&s=25 Joel P. (virtuoso)
on 2014-08-13 23:36
You should be able to use the Windows installer for Ruby to aim at a
directory you have write-access to and start using that installation,
although if you don't have admin rights then the file-association in the
registry may not work.
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