Forum: Ruby crap_server need feedback.

7ccfe82bba479fd0e91b8353038f9355?d=identicon&s=25 Andres Borek (anga)
on 2014-08-08 22:36
Hi everyone.

I'm Andres Borek. I'm the developer of crap_server gem and I want to
read some feedback of my gem.

What it is?:
A Ruby Server with the objective to be a low latency server ready for
gaming servers or so, not only for HTTP server. The idea is be as simple
as it can.

Right now is written in pure Ruby code, but maybe I'll port some code to
C or C++.

What I'm looking for?

See what do you think? What do you think that can I change? Which
feature is missing? etc.

Where I can see the code?

On github:

It's on rubygems?


As you can see, is far to be production ready ( XD), then, does
not expect something with all required features or the best performance,
but I'm doing the best as I can.

Thanks for your attention.
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