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B7cad399c3a8c73bc2ed4955a8ee2ed1?d=identicon&s=25 Mark Probert (Guest)
on 2006-02-07 07:19
(Received via mailing list)
Hi ..

(I seem to be having some problems getting my posts to the list for some
reason.  Sorry if you see this as a repost).

A conceptual question this time.

I have the relation:

    member (m)---(1) member_type

The schema looks something like this (simplified + PGSQL)

   create table member_types (
     id             serial,
     info           varchar( 20 )  not null,
     primary key( id )

   create table members (
     id             serial,
     first_name     varchar( 100 )  not null,
     last_name      varchar( 100 )  not null,
     email          varchar( 100 )  not null,
     member_type_id integer         not null,
     primary key( id ),
     constraint fk_m_member_type foreign key( member_type_id ) \
                                 references member_types( id )

And in the model:

   class Member < ActiveRecord::Base
     belongs_to :voice_type
     # validation stuff removed

My question is that I want to add a new member, with the member_types as
a select list.  Obviously, when I add the member to the database, I will
want to add the id, rather than the actual member_type.

In app/views/admin/new.rhtml, I have this (snippet from table add):

    @mt = MemberType.find( :all, :order => "info" )
    select( :member_type_id, :member_type, @mt )

Which returns the correct number of rows, but of Object IDs, rather than
the info strings.

Clearly I haven't got it right.  I am pretty sure that this would be a
FAQ, though I am not able to find anything that directly answers this
type of question.

Any help appreciated.



Mark Probert                 probertm at acm dot org
Ad7805c9fcc1f13efc6ed11251a6c4d2?d=identicon&s=25 Alex Young (Guest)
on 2006-02-07 10:42
(Received via mailing list)
Mark Probert wrote:
>    @mt = MemberType.find( :all, :order => "info" )
>    select( :member_type_id, :member_type, @mt )
The select methods actually takes an array of 2-member lists, just like
you'd get if you did a Hash#to_a call.  This may work for you:

@mt = MemberType.find(:all, :order => "info")
select( :member, :member_type_id, @mt.collect{|t| [,]} )

This is documented at
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