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on 2006-01-21 07:01
(Received via mailing list)
Meino Christian Cramer [] :

# can someone point me to a ruby demo-script?
# I want to show a friend the beauty of ruby and am myself fear if
# would try my best would acchieve the opposite of what I want.
# It dont need to do anything sophisticated it only should show the
# Pros of programming in ruby...

Show "Hello, world." in 3 ways.

Way 1. print hello world on screen.
code: puts "Hello, world."
audience comment: hmmmm.... ok..

Way 2. print helloworld 100 times
codeA. puts "Hello, world.\n" * 100
codeB. 100.times{ puts "Hello, world."}
audience comment: coool..l :-)

Way 3. print helloworld to pdf.
code: require "pdf/writer"
      pdf =
      pdf.select_font "Times-Roman"
      100.times {pdf.text "Hello, world."}
audience comment: ..cannot comment... audience rotfl...
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