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unknown (Guest)
on 2014-07-18 02:30
(Received via mailing list)
Issue #10032 has been updated by Shota Fukumori.

Translating from Japanese...

gogo tanaka wrote:
> > And I'm afraid that nobody but you can maintain matrix..
> JP ->僕はあなた(Marc-Andre Lafortuneさん)以外の誰もMatrix class
-> I'm afraid for losing maintainers.

> >  Nobody but you haven't maintained EigenvalueDecomposition class, and it's
little complicated.
> JP ->あなた(Marc-Andre Lafortuneさん)以外の誰も
-> Because only Marc-Andre commits to EigenvalueDecomposition class,
which is little complex.

> >  But I think Whether I use github or redmine, It's not problem.  (If it's
github's problem, We should solve that right now. )
> JP

-> The problem is it has few maintainers. I don't think this is a
problem of tools (e.g. GitHub, Redmine); If the problem's origin is a
tool, I think it should be fixed ASAP.

And here's my reply for the above comment:

IMO we're welcome to your conrtibution.  Patches are welcomed and you
can be a committer if it's needed, and you wants to.
But please remember that almost of us are volunteer.  I think you
already know as you did, write a code, not only criticizing.


ただ、コミッターのほとんどは volunteer である事を忘れないで欲しいです。すでにパッチを書いているとの事なので問題ないと思いますが、

And about delayed review on GitHub -- because we use
(Redmine) for primary, please file a ticket if you
want to be reviewed. See

(but I agree to this documentation is little weak to say about this...)

また柴田さんのコメントがつたわっているかよくわからないので再度書きますが、わたしたちはメインの issue tracking をこの
Redmine で行なっているので、
レビューが必要なパッチであればそちらを使った方が返答が速いと思います。ruby/ruby は全員が常に見ている訳ではないので…


misc #10032: Matrix classについて

* Author: gogo tanaka
* Status: Open
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee:
* Category: lib
* Target version:
こんにちは. 突然のご連絡失礼します.


* 以下本文


こちらのPRなど最初のレビューを頂くまでに一ヶ月半を要しました. 問題だと感じました.




↓ 今まで投げたPRです.



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