Forum: Ruby on Rails Action fails silently - breakpoint doesn't hit

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Bakki K. (Guest)
on 2006-01-05 21:48
I have a simple user registration controller with scaffold code. The
only change I made to the view is to add a second password field for
confirmation. I do have a db table called users with all the fields
except ofcourse the extra password field. The field has a different name
so it does not get into the user hash. The '' action works fine
and displays the form. The form action is correctly set (in the
generated html) to user.create. When I submit the form nothing happens.
I get a blank page in the browser. I added a breakpoint as the first
statement in the create action. The breakpoint in the create action does
not hit. When I put a breakpoint in the new action it works correctly.

Can some one please help me figure out where to look for this problem?


bakki kudva
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