Forum: Ruby RIMS (Ruby IMap Server) 0.0.4 released

8fc641f9845d11b9b875431b6853b1d3?d=identicon&s=25 Yoshinori Toki (Guest)
on 2014-07-01 04:13
(Received via mailing list)

I am making imap server using ruby.
Product name is RIMS, it is abbrevation of `Ruby IMap Server'.
RIMS is beta version, but it is useful for single user mailbox.

RIMS version 0.0.4 has been released.
See github for detail.

RIMS is beta version and I am going to develop this software still more.
History and future roadmap is following.

## History

* v0.0.4 (Latest version)
    - Mail parser is replaced from mail gem to RIMS::RFC822 parser.
    - Optimization to fast search and fast fetch.
    - Strict e-mail address data at fetch envelope response.
    - Charset search.
    - Refactored unit test codes.
* v0.0.3
    - DB structure is changed and IMAP UID behavior will follow rules
      that is described at RFC. Incompatible mailbox data!
    - DB data checksum is added. mail data is verified with checksum
      at default.
    - data recovery process is added to mail data DB.
    - mbox-dirty-flag command is added to force recovery.
* v0.0.2
    - Fast error recovery on connection fatal error (ex. Errno::EPIPE).
    - Server log rotation.
    - debug-dump-kvs command.
    - Fine grain lock for one user multiple connection.
* v0.0.1
    - First release.

## Roadmap of development

* v0.0.5
    - Login authentication mechanisms.
    - Corresponding to multi-user mailbox. Incompatible mailbox data!
* v0.0.6
    - Fixed some connection errors at windows mail client.
    - Autologout timer.

Yoshinori Toki <>
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