Forum: Ruby celluloid and celluloid-io 0.16.0.pre2 released to RubyGems

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4131d2f57a0db2a2b4d9a62bd389fd44?d=identicon&s=25 Tony Arcieri (Guest)
on 2014-06-23 18:37
(Received via mailing list)
I've published the second prerelease of Celluloid and Celluloid::IO to
RubyGems. Please test them out and report problems:

    gem install celluloid --pre
    gem install celluloid-io --pre

# Celluloid changelog (since 0.15):

* Factor apart Celluloid::Cell (concurrent objects) from
* Introduce Celluloid::ActorSystem as an abstraction around the backend
actor implementation (idea borrowed from Akka)
* Celluloid::Probe system for monitoring system behavior
* Fix handling of timeouts with Celluloid::EventedMailbox (i.e.
Celluloid::IO and Celluloid::ZMQ)
* Add timeout support to Celluloid::Condition
* Obtain actor names via Celluloid::Actor.registered_name and
#registered_name to avoid conflicts with the built-in Ruby
* Update to timers 3.0.0 (uses hitimes for monotonic time)
* Dynamically resizable pools
* Remove use of core Ruby ThreadGroups
* Simplified CPU core detector

# Celluloid::IO changelog (since 0.15):

* Fix handling of simultaneous read/write interests
* Use Resolv::DNS::Config to obtain nameservers
* Celluloid::IO.copy_stream support (uses a background thread)
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