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F1d6cc2b735bfd82c8773172da2aeab9?d=identicon&s=25 Nobuyoshi Nakada (nobu)
on 2014-06-21 00:10
(Received via mailing list)
Issue #9966 has been updated by Nobuyoshi Nakada.

Category set to doc


Bug #9966: Encoding.find(symbol)の動作がrdocと異なる

* Author: Wataru Kimura
* Status: Open
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee:
* Category: doc
* Target version:
* ruby -v: ruby 2.2.0dev (2014-06-20 trunk 46480) [x86_64-darwin13]
* Backport: 2.0.0: REQUIRED, 2.1: REQUIRED


% /usr/local/stow/ruby-2.2-dev/bin/ruby -e 'Encoding.find(:Shift_JIS)'
-e:1:in `find': no implicit conversion of Symbol into String (TypeError)
  from -e:1:in `<main>'

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