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Manuel Ramos Caro (Guest)
on 2014-06-19 01:48
(Received via mailing list)

I have released a new version of Rmldonkey. The objetive of this is the
bug fixing and the adding of a little funcionalities.

The product is distributed on two ways one installer for Windows users
and a Fatjar to all others that can run a JRE 7.

_*Changes on Version 0.62*_

- "Options/Export Downloads" Fixed exports downloads problems. Bad
decimal number calculations over some platforms. Also restrict exports
to Ed2k downloads.

- "Search/Bittorrent" Add the option to choose a file to add a
Bittorrent download.

- "Downloads" Fixed a bug that brings down the program because the
interface freezes when a download finishes.

- "Help" We fixed a bug that caused the logo in the help didn't
displayed properly when you have been running a previous version.

_*Dependencies / Prerequisites (Windows installer)*_

Easiest way to install Rmldonkey and a Mldonkey core to be controled.
Simple installer with all contents bundled inside it.

_*Dependencies / Prerequisites (FatJar)*_

Its necessary a Mldonkey install because the idea is to control it.

Java 7 or higher

The need of additional libraries to run Rmldonkey isn't needed anymore.

Additional libraries are bundled statically on jar file.

You can run using...

/java -jar FatRmldonkey062.jar/

...on Linux / Unix system a "chmod 777 *.jar" give you the double click



_*Dependencies / Prerequisites (Source Code)*_

JRuby 1.7.0 or higher on Java 7

The following libraries must be installed so that they are visible to
the classpath of the

Jre where jRuby runs.

Substance 5.3

Jfreechart 1.0.14

JCommon 1.0.17

Its also necessary a Mldonkey install because the idea is to control it.

_*Execution (Source Code)*_

To be able to run everything must issue the following command to perform
call to the script that starts the execution "rmldonkey.rb".

jruby-Ku-J-Dfile.encoding = utf-8 rmldonkey.rb

/Manuel Ramos Caro//

/Coding for me pleasure and yours//./

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