Forum: GNU Radio USRP queue ambiguity

5e2a1bdf8cc092c04d4a4cd83f049942?d=identicon&s=25 Mzaherm Mhz (mzaherm)
on 2014-06-17 17:54

   I am writing a code for frequency hopping. I am facing a problem when
I change the transmitting frequency. The problem is not in the duration
of the LO settling time as I expected. However, it is in the packets
that are still in the queue (I dont know exactly where this queue
starts/ends), where the last N=? packets are transmitted on the new
frequency instead of the old one (quite sure about the issue, as I
thoroughly tested it with another USRP device as a receiver).

   My code is based on "ofdm/" example. The portion of
the code that matters:
for i in range(20):
  data = - 2)
  tb.txpath.send_pkt(struct.pack('!H',send_seq &0xffff)+data)
#wait till queue is empty

   What is the function to be used as polling to check the emptiness of
the queue (#wait till queue is empty) before changing the frequency? I
dont want to use arbitrary sleep time :)

   Thx for help,
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