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0c880d0c45425ebef845483af5d85e59?d=identicon&s=25 Peter R. (peter_ryan)
on 2014-05-14 21:05
I was looking at an example for the

The example command is:

jruby -X-C run_blah.rb

This works great. However if I do not disable compilation (using the
-X-C option) then the stack trace is duplicated. Check out this forked

In it the stack trace reported is repeating lines:

from java/lang/reflect/ `invoke'
  from run_blah.rb:6:in `bar'
  from run_blah.rb:6:in `bar'
  from run_blah.rb:2:in `foo'
  from run_blah.rb:2:in `foo'
  from run_blah.rb:9:in `(root)'
  from run_blah.rb:9:in `(root)'

Does anyone know why the stack trace is double printing?

Thanks in advance,

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