Forum: Ruby How to make my own DLL in Windows platform in ruby 2?

D0274ff05c28ad6e5c854add7c108f1f?d=identicon&s=25 Martin Tomis (stray_bird)
on 2014-05-05 09:03
I am a few weeks new in ruby technology but I have done some volume of
C++ programming. Actually I need to connect some of it from within a
ruby code. I see that I can apply "require" also on DLL's after I rename
them with .SO extension.
I read the topic by David Lee (davidlee) on 2009-03-27 08:57.
Nice to know that I have to rename the DLL with .SO extension but
actually I am short of the DLL itself.
David Lee mentioned "example.dll by using SWIG with Visual C++ Express
2008 Edition base on the ruby 1.9.1 p0 binary downloaded from Ruby
I have questions:
1) Can I load a quite generic DLL's from Visual C++ Studio (I have 2010
version)? How I have to export its content? With ordinal DEF file?
2) If I really have to use that downloaded package, then please where
exactly can I find it?
3) Can anybody provide an experience?
Martin Tomis
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