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Martin Braun (Guest)
on 2014-04-30 22:45
(Received via mailing list)
Hi everyone,

on behalf of the IEEE student branch Karlsruhe[1], I'm happy to present
the 1st IEEE Signal Intelligence Challenge (ISIC).

Briefly, it's a challenge to find, decode and decrypt 10 signals in a
given chunk of spectrum. Eligible are teams of up to 8 students (you
need to be enrolled, but it can be any university, and any degree).
Most likely, teams with EE and CS students will have the best chances of
succeeding, but we're happy to be proven wrong!

Prize pool is not yet finalized, but we already have some interesting
prizes, among them a USRP B210.

The ISIC page is currently only available in German -- since you need to
be in Karlsruhe to actively participate, we're expecting mainly
German-speaking participants, but don't hesitate to contact me in
English if you have questions, or would like to participate!
You can find the (German) website at:


[1] Disclaimer: I used to be vice chair of the SB Karlsruhe while I was
still at KIT, but I'm still involved in some of the activities.
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