Forum: GNU Radio fir_filter_ccc::filter function confusion

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3bb06ee5f9444d3a5dfdad85a2bc638d?d=identicon&s=25 Jan A. (jan_a)
on 2014-04-29 04:43

Hi, I am trying to calculate the conj(w(n))*s(n) where w(n) is the
filter weights and s(n) is the signal and Both are complex numbers.  I
wanted to use fir_filter_ccc, but I noticed that it uses
volk_32fc_x2_dot_prod_32fc function to calculate the taps.

However, there is another volk function called
volk_32fc_x2_conjugate_dot_prod_32fc which I presume would be the
correct function to call.

So is this correct?  Should I be using the filter function in

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