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79f9616c279f40ef953f366dcfe38dc8?d=identicon&s=25 Suraj Kurapati (sunaku)
on 2014-04-27 05:23
(Received via mailing list)
md2man is a Ruby library and command-line program that converts
Markdown documents into UNIX manual pages (both Roff and HTML).

* Manuals:
* Sources:
* RubyGem:

## Version 2.0.4 (2014-04-26)

### Patch:

  * GH-16: Redcarpet 3.1 added a third parameter to its `header()`
    This raised an ArgumentError on "wrong number of arguments (3 for

    Thanks to zimbatm for contributing this patch.

  * GH-17 and GH-18: Escape periods, quotes, and hyphens in code blocks.
    This fixes a bug where lines beginning with periods or single quotes
    did not appear when md2man-roff(1) output was rendered using man(1).

    Thanks to zimbatm for reporting this bug and suggesting how to fix
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