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on 2014-04-21 17:24
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Issue #9761 has been updated by _ wanabe.

File xrealloc-with-gc_stress.patch added
Status changed from Feedback to Open

Nobuyoshi Nakada wrote:
> Seems `objspace_malloc_increase()` already runs GC after `xmalloc` and `xcalloc`
if `ruby_gc_stress` is set.
> You may want it to run after `xrealloc` too?
> Or to run full marking?

Sorry for my poor code reading...
It is enough to add a case of `xrealloc` for my concern, reproducing

Anyone can close/reject this ticket if you think this is far from the
original proposal.

Feature #9761: TRY_WITH_GC with ruby_gc_stress

* Author: _ wanabe
* Status: Open
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee:
* Category: core
* Target version:
I hope `TRY_WITH_GC()` may use `ruby_gc_stress` value.

Currently, `ruby_gc_stress` doesn't affect simple
It is usefull to make these functions under gc-stress.
For example, #9657 is difficult to reproduce on trunk because there is
not object creation but memory allocation after `BigDecimal_new()`.

try_with_gc-with-gc_stress.patch (691 Bytes)
xrealloc-with-gc_stress.patch (456 Bytes)
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