Forum: Ruby [ANN] OpenCL FFI + sugar Bindings

0c94acec3a146f4b33e1b856bfc7edf3?d=identicon&s=25 Brice Videau (brice_v)
on 2014-03-26 21:06

Just a short message to bring to your attention the release of
opencl_ruby_ffi, OpenCL bindings for ruby based on FFI. They can be
installed as a gem (gem install opencl_ruby_ffi). There is full coverage
for 1.2 plus a lot of syntactic sugar mainly inspired from the
ruby-opencl and pyopencl.
Homepage for the project can be found here:
It is an alpha release, and even though for my personal projects it
works just fine, I am sure there are a lot of bugs/improvements
remaining so feel free to contribute bug reports or comments (here or on
the project page). Especially, I'm certain that my usage of FFI can be
improved, though I am pretty sure that at this point the interface of
the bindings wouldn't change much.
It is fully documented at the module/class/method level.

Best regards,

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