Forum: JRuby How to link compiler to mvn for JRuby Windows builds?

27a9bc4f8b6268a797e79c6c73ed59d5?d=identicon&s=25 Richard S. (secristr)
on 2014-03-05 19:23
How do I link MinGW's C++ compiler to the build environment for JRuby on

Attempting to install 1.7.11 on Windows an mvn -Pbootstrap fails with:

[WARNING] ERROR:  Error installing
[WARNING]       ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

Which is presumably because mvn isn't linked in to the MinGW C++
compiler on Windows.  What is the correct way to set up the development
environment so mvn can use the C++ compiler?

I have a MinGW installed and I can use it to go into directories and
issue make commands successfully, but only from the msys.bat shell of
MinGW and not from mvn.

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