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Sunil Tej (Guest)
on 2014-02-27 15:51
(Received via mailing list)
Hey folks,

Stylopa is a young startup based in Mumbai. We're open to internships
full time positions. So, please reach out to us at
your resume and github/website links. Below is the profile (

Stylopa - Everyone's personal stylist.

Stylopa aims to provide easy access to personal styling to every woman.
connect women with fashionistas from across the world. You could either
browse through head to toe looks curated by fashionistas or choose any
of the stylist(s) to create a customized look.

This also opens up more possibilities for fashionistas to do something
are good at and love to do, and get rewarded for it. And for the busy
woman, it is best to outsource her styling decisions to an expert.

*Looking for a techie who can deliver a high level of satisfaction,
challenge opinions and build great web products from the ground up.
shall lead the technology role for product development.*

You're someone who :-

(1) Loves technology and uses it to solve any problem assigned to

(2) Has adequate experience in building web applications. ( Include
links /
references to previous projects )

(3) Passionate to take up responsibility and is excited about creating


(1) Full stack developer. Ability to code from scratch in *Ruby on
Rails* and
javascript frameworks such as node.js and backbone.js

(2) Have developed web applications and been part of at least one

(3) Experience working with relational database systems such as MySQL,
NoSQL and MongoDB.

(4) Experience with MVC frameworks. Working with Codeigniter

(5) Mobile website design and app development - a plus

(6) A good understanding of scalability

(7) Have used AWS services  (S3, Route 53)


(1) Competent salary

(2) Equity offered

(3) Chance to work for a Singapore based startup. Our customer base are
folks in US, Singapore. It is a natural progression for the startup to
to these markets

(4) Get to work with a high powered, smart team with varied
experience working in high impact projects across the world

(5) Very open team environment. We take fun very seriously. You will get
work in an environment, where you can create significant impact, work
closely with the founders and develop the product from ground up
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