Forum: Ruby RubyInstaller 1.9.3-p545 released

E7cff3cfd41c495e1012227d7dc24202?d=identicon&s=25 Luis Lavena (luislavena)
on 2014-02-25 06:27
(Received via mailing list)
I'm very pleased to announce the release of RubyInstaller packages for

This is the last ordinal release of Ruby 1.9.3. It means that Ruby 1.9.3
into the state of the security maintenance phase, and will never be
unless any critical regressions or security issues are found. This phase
planned to be maintained for 1 year. Then, maintenance of Ruby 1.9.3
will be
ended at Feb. 24th, 2015.

Due sunset of RubyForge, we decided to migrate our main downloads to

Installers and 7z binary packages are available from

We would like to thank RubyForge and their mirrors for all the resources
provided through the years allowing users obtain our packages.

Taking in consideration the volume of data, old versions will remain at
RubyForge but no new package will be uploaded there.

## 1.9.3-p545

### Important

Please note that the installers in this release are *not digitally

You can read more about this in post at RubyInstaller group:

### MD5:

    2a1fd8bee3c1a605688892020d44c8ca *ruby-1.9.3-p545-doc-chm.7z
    8e7f07256c86bfd6fc73fbcc13db4b09 *ruby-1.9.3-p545-i386-mingw32.7z
    05398a6cd920ccd297c28150a935ef72 *rubyinstaller-1.9.3-p545.exe

### Official Announcement:

### Enhancements:

* Upgraded Ruby 1.9.3 to patchlevel 545
* Upgraded rb-readline to 0.5.0 (compatible with Ruby 2.0)
* Upgraded OpenSSL to version 1.0.0l
* Upgraded libyaml to version 0.1.5
Ead0c810163c355535e7c47c20955073?d=identicon&s=25 Scott Shaffer (mung)
on 2014-03-03 05:00
Please consider including a working version of the sqlite3 gem with the
windows installer.
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