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on 2014-02-18 14:55
(Received via mailing list)
Issue #9530 has been updated by Usaku NAKAMURA.

Status changed from Open to Closed
% Done changed from 0 to 100

Applied in changeset r45036.

* ruby_atomic.h: fixed merge mistake of r44946.  reported by ngoto at
  [ruby-dev:47980] [Backport #9530]

Backport #9530: r44946 introduces compile error in Solaris

* Author: Naohisa Goto
* Status: Closed
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee:
r44946 にて、ruby_atomic.h


 @@ -80,7 +81,7 @@
  #  define ATOMIC_SIZE_INC(var) atomic_inc_ulong(&(var))
  #  define ATOMIC_SIZE_DEC(var) atomic_dec_ulong(&(var))
  #  define ATOMIC_SIZE_EXCHANGE(var, val) atomic_swap_ulong(&(var),
 -# else
 +#  define ATOMIC_SIZE_CAS(var, oldval, val) atomic_cas_ulong(&(var),
(oldval), (# else
  #  define ATOMIC_SIZE_ADD(var, val) atomic_add_int(&(var), (val))
  #  define ATOMIC_SIZE_SUB(var, val) atomic_add_int(&(var), -(val))
  #  define ATOMIC_SIZE_INC(var) atomic_inc_uint(&(var))

明らかに #else の前後が何か変です。行末が欠けて、かつ、次の行がくっついているように見えます。
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