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B078cb4f4fb473c7a54d1fc36d10c70e?d=identicon&s=25 Regis d'Aubarede (raubarede)
on 2014-02-01 01:15

I don't know if that interest somebody :) but Ruiby DSL become
more mature, so pass to 1.0 version !

Gem :
Doc Reference, with exemples  :

* Composition checking : check DSL 'syntaxe',
* Plot, Canvas, toolbar,... refactorized for to be more 'closurified'
* Data Variable (DynVar) : binding for entry/slider/check_button
* Object data binding : Struct like, composed of DynVar
* Stock DynVar and DynObject : data persistence to file on exit
* better test (77% coverage)
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