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itpp2012 (Guest)
on 2014-01-10 21:23
(Received via mailing list)
14:05 10-1-2014: nginx Cheshire

When she sleeps she gently purrs, you hardly know she's there, but when
you're gonna hear her roar. nginx Cheshire release is here !
This native build runs on Windows XP SP3 and higher, both 32 and 64 bit.

Based on nginx 1.5.9 (4-1-2014) with;
+ changed compile order
+ (onsite), a Windows Test_Suite way to show/prove it all
+ ngx_http_auth_ldap2 (experimental,
  follow examples on github site, not the site example in example.conf,
is an
  experimental build addition ! (when not used it won't affect anything
+ set-misc-nginx-module
+ headers-more-nginx-module
+ openssl-1.0.1f (upgraded 8-1-2014)
+ lua-nginx-module v0.9.4 (upgraded 9-1-2014)
+ Streaming with nginx-rtmp-module, v1.1.1 (upgraded 10-1-2014)
+ echo-nginx-module v0.50 (upgraded 8-1-2014)
- RDNS has been removed until a blocking issue has been resolved
+ added http_auth_request_module
+ Source changes back ported
+ Source changes add-on's back ported
* Additional specifications are like 19:46 18-12-2013: nginx

Builds can be found here:

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