Forum: Ruby Volumetric visualization

695c01a229f245ad6d0e6a90ede2eb59?d=identicon&s=25 Martins Piksis (martinspixis)
on 2013-10-28 19:12
Hello Experts!

for study purposes I need to create a SketchUp Ruby script for
volumetric visualization of radiation fields. Dose volume must be
divided into voxels where each voxel have x;y;z coordinates and value V
which represents dose intensity, besides the voxels must be colored in
different colors regarding to value V. For example, if 5>V>3, then color
= blue, but if 10>V>5, then color = green et cetera.
Can someone suggest a script to modify for my needs or help solve this

P.S. I am not an IT professional, my field of study is physics, so
scripting is not an ordinary activity for me :)

Thanks in advance,

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