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on 2013-10-22 18:18
(Received via mailing list)
purchasing power parity (PPP)

387 mb 2112 pages


can you not escape the nagging doubt that the world is just a shuffled
pack of lies?
as global art gimcrackery is gleefully consumed by fickle flames of

an art-memoir: five stunning 2000+ page volumes: PPP
pre-emptive/perpetual (pleated plaid pamphlets series)

fresh new scans recompiled as massive collections covering 40+ years of
personal art
activity; includes an evolving full-colour compilation of the earlier,
pamphlets featuring a pleated-plaid frontispiece: all five mega-volumes
now for $250US delivered on DVD or dropbox


Bottom-Up-Morality is built into our species. Rather than coming to us
top-down from
God, or any other external source, morality springs bottom-up from our
emotions and
our day-to-day social interactions, which themselves evolved from
foundations in
animal societies.

everybody knows that the dice are loaded
everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
everybody knows that the war is over
everybody knows the good guys lost
everybody knows the fight was fixed
the poor stay poor, the rich get rich
that's how it goes
everybody knows
everybody knows that the boat is leaking
everybody knows that the captain lied
everybody has this broken feeling
like their father or their dog just died

injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality
tied in a single garment of destiny
whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly

  Pleated Plaid Pamphlet (2009)
  Volumes 176-188
  [accompaniment to insatiable abstraction engine]

176 - Right Road Right Relation Radish Oil
177 - Righteous Indignation Righteous Fury Rage and Despair
178 - Rage and Radishes Righteous Souls Righteous Violence
179 - Rage Born Righteousness Endureth Forever Rightly Regarded
180 - Ragged Chorus Rightly Responsible Rigid and Solemn
181 - Ragged Fringes Rigid Cheeks Rigid Definitions
182 - Ragged Gasps Rigid Digit Rigid Grins
183 - Ragged Raft Rigid Protocols Rigid Rhythm
184 - Ragged Regalia Rigidly Erect Rigor Mortis
185 - Ragged Relief Rigorous Crystallization Ring and Then Knock
186 - Ragged Remains Ring Bolt Ringed Horizon
187 - Ragged Ring Riot Shutters Ripe Moments
188 - Ragged Staring Wretch Ripe Raspberries Ripped Open



but buy direct for superior quality

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