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Ethan Trewhitt (Guest)
on 2013-10-09 22:38
(Received via mailing list)
I'm working on some custom C++ blocks. I would like to have a few
methods in the C++ world visible to Python so that they can be called
directly. My understanding is that GRC can then make such things
visible through the <callback> tag in the block's XML specification.

Looking at the GR3.7 version of fir_filter, for instance, shows that
it has a "set_taps" method and an "update_tap" method, both of which
are public. However, only "set_taps" gets translated into the SWIG
Python version of the fir_filter block, while "update_tap" does not.
What part of the gr-filter source tree instructs SWIG to include one
but not the other? Does it have something to do with the way the
GR_SWIG_BLOCK_MAGIC2() macro works within filter_swig.i?

Short version: how do I instruct the SWIG build process to translate a
particular method of a C++ GR block into its Python version?

Thanks in advance.

Nowlan, Sean (Guest)
on 2013-10-09 22:56
(Received via mailing list)
Declare a pure virtual function in (for example)
gr-OOT/include/OOT/myblock.h :

virtual int how_many_things(const int n) const = 0;

Then declare a concrete function in gr-OOT/lib/myblock_impl.h :

int how_many_things(const int n) const;

Then define your concrete function in gr-OOT/lib/ :

int how_many_things(const int n)
    return n;

If you added your block with gr_modtool, you'll find this in
gr-OOT/swig/OOT_swig.i :

#include "OOT/myblock.h"
%include "OOT/myblock.h"

The above statements will automagically SWIG anything defined in
Isdren Gineer (Guest)
on 2013-10-09 23:23
(Received via mailing list)
When you create a block with gr_modtool your implementation goes in the
lib/[block_name]_impl.[h|cc] files. However, the swig procedures look at
the include/[package_name]/[block_name].h files to determine which
to expose in the generated python class. So, to make a C++ method
in the python class, create a virtual method in the
include/[package_name]/[block_name].h and implement it in the
lib/[block_name]_impl.[cc|h] subclass.
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