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Bijendra Singh (Guest)
on 2013-10-08 17:23
(Received via mailing list)
I'm new user of GNU. Can someone please help me in creating a flowgraph
AM transmitter. I have to use it for communication of radio having a
3-30 MHz. Receiver part is already done. I just wanted a waveform of
transmitter part only. I have to integrate this waveform with FM
Please help.
Manu T S (Guest)
on 2013-10-08 19:45
(Received via mailing list)
First of all, I'm sorry that I could not understand clearly what you
Are you using any hardware or you are just running a simulation using
Radio*? What do you mean by waveform of transmitter? How do you
AM transmitter with FM receiver?

If you have USRP and want DSBSC AM, it is easy to construct. Take a
sample file. Connect it to USRP sink with appropriate interpolation.
can be counted as AM.
Wayne Roberts (Guest)
on 2013-10-09 10:10
(Received via mailing list)
Assuming you mean analog AM transmitter, you use a float-to-complex,
connect a constant source with value of 1 to IM input.
Then the audio source connects to RE input.

You will need an adjustable attenuator on the complex output before
to the sink device.
Using a multiply const with slider, adjust while monitoring the audio
quality on AM receiver because it can easily overdrive.

You could also have issue with DC offset (IQ calibration) on sink.  In
case you would need to use a multiply block to offset frequency on
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