Forum: Ruby on Rails save attachments to database and Rails application public directory

Ecec81af7caddc8730eee285475df4da?d=identicon&s=25 ruby rails (rubyonrails)
on 2013-10-05 16:30
I am new to ROR and learning it.I am using Rails 2.3.5. I have a form
where I can attach multiple files. I need to save these attachments in
my db and also in a directory in my application directory. I dont want
to use paperclip plugin as I need to learn File system as well as how to
create dir and save these attachments into it. So any
references/tutorials would be highly appreciated. Please help.
When I submit the form I get the params in the console as

    Processing ReminderPluginController#create_reminder (for
at 2013-10-05 19:52:14) [POST]
      Parameters: {"reminder"=>{"subject"=>"Hello", "email"=>"",
"body"=>"<p>My first thing</p>"},
"controller"=>"reminder_plugin", "select_batch"=>{"batch"=>"2"},
"recipients"=>"20", "select_department"=>{"department"=>""},
But I have no idea about creating directory and saving attachments in
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