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on 2013-10-03 10:32
(Received via mailing list)
The Ruboto team is pleased to announce the release of Ruboto 0.15.0.

Ruboto (JRuby on Android) is a platform for developing full stand-alone
apps for Android using the Ruby language and libraries.  It includes
support libraries and generators for creating projects, classes, tests,
and more.  The complete APIs of Android, Java, and Ruby are available to
you using the Ruby language.

New in version 0.15.0:

In this release we stabilize the new SplashActivity feature and
a new rapid development cycle.

Using "rake update_scripts:reload" changed Ruby scripts are pushed to
device/emulator and an intent is broadcasted to reload the files inside
the running app, and the currently displayed activity is restarted.

The process should take just a few seconds and avoids the full
build->transfer->restart cycle.


* Issue #12 Fast development with "rake update_scripts:reload"
* Issue #461 Old API level files removed from repository as of 4.3
* Issue #475 Reuse the original Intent when relaunching the user
  after the SplashActivity has completed.
* Issue #482 Better handling of "update_scripts" apk timestamp
* Issue #486 Let "ruboto setup" download the latest version of a tool if
  multiple versions exist.


* Issue #174 Ensure APK is not rebuilt if only Ruby source has changed
* Issue #452 Android SDK command dx Not found
* Issue #481 New Splash fails to start on Android 2.3
* Issue #490 ruboto setup


* Issue #469 Missing step in "Getting started": 1'. install GEMS

Pull requests:

* Issue #474 Longer 'Timeout' time of BOSS process
* Issue #477 Add readme.MD syntax highlight.


* Issue #487 Start testing against JRuby 9000
* Issue #488 Start testing against JRuby 1.7.5

You can find a complete list of issues here:



To use Ruboto, you need to install a Ruby implementation.  Then do
(possibly as root/administrator)

    gem install ruboto
    ruboto setup

To create a project do

    ruboto gen app --package <>
    cd <project directory>
    ruboto setup

To run an emulator for your project

    cd <project directory>
    ruboto emulator

To run your project

    cd <project directory>
    rake install start

You can find an introductory tutorial at

If you have any problems or questions, come see us at


The Ruboto Team
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