Forum: Inkscape How to have different markers along each node of a polyline?

B5ea0d229d6133caa156292bbe25095f?d=identicon&s=25 Amy (Guest)
on 2013-09-24 01:24
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all,

I'm trying to write an Inkscape extension that has the following

1. I create a polyline in Inkscape and select it.
2. My extension takes in a string of predefined tokens, the same number
there are nodes in the polyline, e.g. "square, circle, triangle, circle,
3. The extension places a square at the first node of the polyline, a
circle at the second, triangle at the third, circle at the fourth,
at the fifth (includes end points).

I would like the resulting line-with-pictures to still be a line in that
can go to the node editor and adjust the nodes of my polyline (it's just
that the nodes have pictures on them now).

How can I achieve this in Inkscape or in SVG? (Is this the appropriate
for this question, or should I send to inkscape-devel?)

This makes me think that what I want is to specify *custom* markers
along a
line. I.e. not just marker-start, marker-end and marker-mid, but more of
marker-sequence (so that the middle markers can be different from each

Is this possible?

If not, is there some other way to do this? Perhaps I can do this with
connectors instead so that my sequence of square -- connecter -- circle
connector -- triangle -- connector -- circle -- connector -- circle
*acts* like a line with markers at each node in inkscape (though in SVG
is not "truly" a polyline with markers).

I've been trying to read up on connects, but is there further
available? In particular, I think I've worked out how to set
"inkscape:connector-(type|curvature)" and
"inkscape:connection-(start|end)", but what is
"inkscape:connection-(start|end)-point"? On examining the XML of a test
connector I drew in Inkscape, it was set to "d4" for all the connectors
drew and I'm not sure what this signifies.

Also when I convert my path to connectors in my extension, is it up to
to calculate where the path would intersect with the edge of the node?
example if I connect a star to a rectangle I notice that in Inkscape the
connector only starts and ends at the edges of the objects, even though
"true" connection handle is in the centre. Is there some convenience
function in the Python modules somewhere for me to work out where the
polyline would intersect with my node picture (particularly for more
complex shapes, like a star)?

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