Forum: Ruby pluto gem update - another planet generator/feed reader now w/ template packs, live sites, and more

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Gerald Bauer (Guest)
on 2013-09-22 11:35
(Received via mailing list)

   I've updated the pluto gem. What's pluto?

   The pluto gem lets you build planet sites, that is, web pages that
auto-build and auto-updated from published web feeds. See the Planet
vienna.rb [1] or Planet Ruby [2] as an example.

   What's new?

  Pluto now support template packs, that you, can install gem-like.

   $ pluto install top

   List all install template packs:

   $ pluto ls   or
   $ pluto list

   Use the top template pack and generate Planet Ruby:

   $ pluto build ruby.yml --template top    or
   $ pluto b ruby -t top

  The feed parsing (RSS, Atom) and normalization moved into its own gem,
that is, feedutils [3].

   And last but not least you can run your planet sites as simple web
(see the Sinatra starter template as an example) and add a
admin backend using yet another Sinatra (Rack) web app (see the

   More info @

   Cheers. Happy planet!

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