Forum: Ruby-core Add initial documentation for SSLServer

4964bad1252f34c95f18c0862edb5c23?d=identicon&s=25 Rafal L. (rafal_l)
on 2013-09-03 15:39
(Received via mailing list)
Issue #8758 has been updated by lisukorin (Rafał Lisowski).

I took me a while (usually I use openssl to generate certs) but I create
a Ruby Class which can be used to generate certs.
It's quite big. I am not sure if we should include it in documentation.
You can see it here
Bug #8758: Add initial documentation for SSLServer

Author: lisukorin (Rafał Lisowski)
Status: Assigned
Priority: Normal
Assignee: zzak (Zachary Scott)
Category: doc
Target version:
ruby -v: 2.0.0-p247
Backport: 1.9.3: UNKNOWN, 2.0.0: UNKNOWN

In last few days I was struggling with SSLServer, so I decide to add
some documentation to that class. Here is my first attempt to describe
how use it.
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