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19784cec7833a178519622dd552f8468?d=identicon&s=25 Koos B. (koos)
on 2013-09-01 13:02
I have Ruby 2.0.0 and TextMate 2 playing along nicely, after some
TM_RUBY settings from


I have

/Users/koos/Developments/RubyDevs/RubyTests/RubyLearn/Test1.rb and

Test1.rb has"Test2.rb")

In TM 1.5 this worked, whether I open TM at the RubyDevs levels and
drill down, or if I open TM at the RubyLearn level.

In TM2 it gets "no such file or directory" if I open at RubyDevs level
but is ok if I open at RubyLearn level.

It is also OK if I change to"/Users/koos/Developments/RubyDevs/RubyTests/RubyLearn/Test2.rb")

This is clearly a settings issue of some sorts.

Any advise on this?
19784cec7833a178519622dd552f8468?d=identicon&s=25 Koos B. (koos)
on 2013-09-02 21:26
I have done some testing to show what happens. The pictures in the
attached word doc shows how TM1.5 and TM2.0 treat dir.pwd differently,
whilst the source code is exactly the same.

I trying to understand if this is a setting issue, or a feature, or a
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