Forum: Inkscape problem with unit selection drop downs

13dbcdbbca772e09332aaeb3eee7d3bb?d=identicon&s=25 "René Staffen" <> (Guest)
on 2013-08-28 11:45
(Received via mailing list)
Sorry. i wasn't aware that the webmailer (that i use very rarely) uses
html as default.

here again in plain text:

I hope someone can help me.

I have a problem with my inkscapes (i had 0.48.2... and upgraded to
0.48.4.r9939 without success, OS: german WinXP 32bit) unit selection
Especially the ones in the document property dialog (but also in some
other dialogs).
the "default unit" and "unit" drop down lists are empty. they are very
small and the drop down button is inactive (grey).
So i cannot change the units.
I allready tried removing preference file to reset to defaults. i
changed the language from german to english. but the problem does not
The only boxes that i could found that seems to work is the one in the
toolbar if an object was selected and the one in the stroke style

document propertys/page, document propertys/grids, transform, inkscape
preferences/grid, inkscape preferences/Interface are not working.

Any hints?
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